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Tree Cabling & Bracing

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Sometimes there are some trees that are simply too heavy to hold up against their own weight. If you have large, mature trees with have heavy branches; this is usually the case. This can pose a serious threat to anyone who is standing by it. If a single branch breaks off it could cause harm or damage to anyone in its vicinity. At Garland Tree Services, we have been able to effectively help thousands of people keep their tree and its limbs from breaking. If you have a tree that is weak, cabling it and bracing it can help keep the tree and its limbs from breaking. Cables and braces are used to help keep the tree and its limbs intact and upright. It reduces the amount of weight and this eliminates the possibility of the pressure causing it to fall over or tree limbs from breaking off and harming you or anything around.

The tools that are used help to redistribute the weight to prevent too much from being on any side of the tress. They both need to be effectively applied by one of our experts at Garland Tree Services if you are to render the benefits.

How Mature Trees are Treated

When trees begin to mature its limbs will start to sprout and will determine how it will begin to grow. When your branches start to develop, you will notice that they are in the shape of a U or V. The U shaped branches are often stronger than the V-shaped ones. The narrow-angle of the trunk that is on younger trees are not as much of a concern.

However, when that younger tree starts to mature, the canopy, wet leaves, branches, snow and are what will contribute to the weight that can pose a problem. When these things begin to occur, this would be a good time for you to contact Garland Tree Services so that we can place braces and cables on them. Redistributing this weight can help redistribute the weight of the tree limbs. If you have trees with lower limbs, this can be of particular concern to us and should be addressed before harm occurs.

Using Reliable Tree Experts

When you call on Garland Tree Services for your tree cabling and bracing needs your services will only be handled by a trustworthy and dependable certified tree arborists. They know how to effectively and successfully apply the cables and braces. There are some instances when even your younger trees need to have cables applied. If it is discovered that they can also pose a threat to your safety, this is something that our tree experts will gladly handle for you.

Many in Garland rely on our experts because they realize that we have all that we need to effectively handle the job of bracing and cabling your trees. It doesn’t matter the severity of the problem, we assure you that our experts have the skills and qualifications needed to effectively handle your needs.