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About Us

Garland Tree Services - About

Garland Tree Services started operating over two decades ago with a passion to make sure that everyone lawn looked as appealing as possible. We want your home and outdoor space to look its best all-year-round and we do this with our tree care services. When you are not paying close attention to your trees, you may look up one day and notice that it looks unhealthy and unattractive. When you do, we want you to know that we have hired the most qualified tree arborists in Garland, Texas. Most people enjoy spending their summers outdoors.

We want you to enjoy spending as much time outdoors as possible and we know that you can do this when you have beautiful trees to shield you from the sun.

We have the commercial equipment that we need to effectively address your tree care needs. By putting together such a talented team of Garland Tree Services, we are able to produce the best results possible. We work with tree arborists who are certified and who have the proven skills needed to produce the results that will be most beneficial. If our tree arborists require additional training to effectively utilize newer equipment that is introduced on the market, we are happy to help them, as this benefits us in the end.

We offer our customers in Garland the most affordable and effective tree care services. Invest in your home by allowing our qualified arborists to care for your trees. We guarantee that you’ll see results!